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Consulting Hypnotists help ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems using specific, targeted techniques individually catered to the patients needs. Hypnotists do not employ the use of Psychotherapy; they coach, teach, guide, instruct and train. They do not view a client's affliction as a disorder; but rather a solvable problem, challenge or issue.

Many believe that there is a difference between being hypnotized through hypnotic induction; the process by which a hypnotist hypnotizes his patient, and the hypnotic effect of self-hypnosis. However, most experts agree that no types of hypnosis are anything like self-hypnosis.

Most people do not realise that when their attention is completely held, for instance by a riveting speaker or by a problem that they are focused on solving, or by an activity that requires exact precision (such as archery), they are in a trance state. But the trance state most people are familiar with – and still mystified by – is that of hypnosis.

At some point we all get lost in our thoughts, lose some sense of reality, track of time or tune out when others are talking to us. This, believe it or not, is neither more nor less a state of self-hypnosis. Hypnosis is often surrounded by and associated with a mystical aura, which mostly just takes away from the good it can do and adds to a lot of skepticism. It rather obscures Hypnosis's value as an aid to seriously change people's lives for the better.

Konstantine Jivotov

As a member of the National Guild of Hynotists, Konstantine Jivotov is a recognized expert in holistic hypnosis. An approach commonly used in helping patients quit smoking, lose weight, conquer fears, eating disorders and much more.

Konstantine has been involved in the holistic industry for many years with hundreds of satisfied and grateful clients all over the globe from Toronto to New York, London to Moscow, Kiev and Beijing.

Throughout his years of practice, Konstantine has developed special techniques for treating smoking dependencies; a speciality of his practice and one of the most common requests that he deals with on an everyday basis.

Also known as Swami Dhyan Sambuddha (enlightened in meditation). Extensive Knowledge in the field of spirituality, mysticism.

Ksenia Lansky

Ksenia is a hypnotist, tarot reader and Reiki practitioner. She is also a tarot card teacher and assists Konstantine with running his practice.

Why choose NAHC over other avenues of Hypnosis

From the first introductory session of discovery to the session where a corrective message is considered, established and accepted by the client's sub-consciousness, Konstantine continues to make sure nothing has been left unchecked. In cases where there are remaining and underlying issues additional sessions will be scheduled to target the issues specific to the problem the client came in for in the first place. This gradual message introduced during the additional sessions sinks in creating a much more powerful message and reaction than the standard Hypnosis appointments. The extra strength of this message allows for better and faster results, but most importantly long lasting results.

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Reiki Master

Konstantine Jivotov

Konstantine Jivotov

Reiki Master

A member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, he is recognized as an expert in the holistic hypnosis approach.