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Almost everyone has at some point in their life experienced a state resembling trance, though people hardly suspect it to be a state of hypnosis.

At some point we all get lost in our thoughts, lose the sense of reality, lose track of time, hear no words addressed to us. This is a type or state of self-hypnosis.

During hypnosis, a person is said to have heightened focus and concentration. The person can concentrate intensely on a specific thought or memory, while blocking out sources of distraction. Hypnotized subjects are said to show an increased response to suggestions. Hypnosis is usually induced by a procedure known as a hypnotic induction involving a series of preliminary instructions and suggestions. The use of hypnotism for therapeutic purposes is referred to as "hypnotherapy".

A hypnotist can only help you get into a trance, but you are in control of the situation, remember it's your hypnosis.

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Throughout his years of practice, Konstantine has developed special techniques for treating smoking dependencies; a speciality of his practice and one of the most common requests that he deals with on an everyday basis.

What Our Clients Say

"Before Konstantine started his Hypnosis session, I was suffering from a lot of different anxieties and fears all relating to my work. After my treatment, my symptoms subsided and eventually went away. I no longer experience these fears anymore. I have also never slept better, and I feel much calmer and even more confident.
M. T.
"I personally was not a client but my son has had several sessions with Konstantine. At first the sessions started with my son feeling a bit suspicious and unwilling to give in to the treatment, but slowly overcame those obstacles as he realized he started feeling better. Even though my son was a tough client Konstantine was able to address my son's deepest fears and concerns, he was successfully treated for his smoking addiction and was able to focus more on his studies which lead to him passing his finals and finally graduating from college. Hypnosis is not magic, but it is something that can help ordinary people in many ways if they are ready and willing to open up to these healing methods and follow the instructions provided by Konstantine.
A. K.
"The power of mind is very special, Konstantine knows better than most - things that our mind does automatically can be navigated and modeled with responsible positively induced approach.
Alex D: Toronto, ON
"A lot of people have problems, fears, issues and constant lack of luck; many of them question these but never act on those fears. Obviously not doing anything about a problem does not solve it, but in most cases just worsens it.
Alice Ruthard: Richmond Hill, ON
"Konstantine's approach to all issues that he deals with is simple in its manifest, but complex in its execution.
Joanne Alexander: Etobicoke, ON
"A gradual message helps create a much more powerful message and reaction.
Danny Willaims: North York, ON
"Very pleasant experience. History and practice were explained very professionally and understandably. The teacher was very communicative and answered all questions. Very interesting and helpful are the provided learning materials and brochures. One of the most important parts for me, is that I felt from the first level, is that I can practice, and after the second level, I felt even more knowledgeable. I experienced everything myself and saw the results on my daughter. Thanks again to Konstantine, for a pleasant and unforgettable experience. I will put my certificate proudly on my wall at home. I'm very glad that I came to your classes and took these courses with Konstantine as my master. I Hope more people will understand how powerful this knowledge is. With this knowledge people can help other people, their animals, Family members and Their own body and minds. Thank you.
J. G: Burlington, ON
"Like many people I was stuck in a rut, my life was at what seemed like a standstill. I had gone through a few emotionally troubling events, and I just couldn't get back to normal, I couldn't get back to feeling like myself after that. No matter what I did or tried to do to help myself, nothing was working, I needed a change. My mother recommended Konstantine to me after she had seen improvements in some of her own patients. I was never a skeptic, and was always very open to alternative methods of getting better, so I was open to the idea of hypnosis, and I am glad I was. After going to see Konstantine and explaining my fears, problems and anxieties, he developed a specialized hypnosis plan for me to follow that targeted my specific issues. I not only started to feel like myself, but I started to feel better, like a newer better version of what I wanted to be. He helped increase my confidence, get rid of the negative feelings and thoughts, and decreased my worry and stress; I started to respect myself again and I started see my life in a clearer way. I became reassured that I was on the right path for me, and I no longer worried about the future or the past. I started to live in the present, and the present is where I became more focused, goal oriented and clear headed. This new concentration and confidence has led to many positive changes in my life. The best part is hypnosis is extremely relaxing and I felt great almost immediately after the first session.
E. B.
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